Full Day Mandala and Meditation Workshop at Aras Chronain, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Aras Chronain, Saturday, 21. July 2018

The Workshop: Creating Mandala as a Self-Healing Tool Creating a Mandala connects us with our true nature, centering us fully in the energy of NOW – the present moment. The creation of mandalas is an active meditation for the purpose of personal growth and self healing and manifestation. When we work with our mandala we may experience moments of clarity, harmony, peace and inner happiness.
In this workshop, I will lead you on the journey of self discovery and your connection to all that is. It is a beautiful experience to work with a group, connecting with the energy of others on this journey, just like in a meditation group. I will explain my journey and experiences with Mandalas and what they mean for me. We will then do a short awareness meditation together, feeling where it is in our body that we need to work on with our Mandala.  After the meditation, we will begin on the journey of your mandala and work in silence together, focusing on our intention and the piece.
There will be an hours break for lunch and please feel free to bring along a packed lunch or there are some very nice eateries within a short walking distance, including The Happy Pear.  After lunch, we will return to our creations and keeping in the flow the energy of our experience, I will guide you on a deep Yoga Nidra Meditation which will seed the experience within. Please bring along a yoga mat and blanket as the meditation will be lying down and will last approximately 45 minutes.
Creating a mandala without thought and fully experiencing the present moment is the key of self awakening. Listen to your body and be guided by your intuition. The mandala reflects your true self.
"After drawing my circles with the compass, I relaxed into a meditative, quiet space and let my hand be guided into creating shapes and choosing the colours. In this stillness, questions, insights arose from a deep place, reminding me of what my heart and soul is really seeking. Since that day, whenever I now look at my Mandala, I am taken back to that place of stillness and centeredness. Thank you Patricia for creating that space." Noreen O'Donoghoe, participant at Mandala Workshop at The October Gallery London, 8th November 2014.
A litte about mandalas
The word mandala comes from Sanskrit means circle, center, circumference, sacred circle or magic circle. In eastern spiritual traditions, a mandala is a form of sacred art that depicts the totality of the self. In Islamic tradition also, the mandala features amongst their most beautiful mosques and illuminated manuscripts. In Christianity too….think of those beautiful stain glass windows throughout the ages. Ancient Celtic art, Vedic art, Meso-American, Native American, Aboriginal, Hindu, Taoist and indeed all faiths feature the powerful mandala. Swiss-German psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung found the mandala which is such an ancient archetypal manifestation that appears in all Eastern and Western religions, mythology and rituals – to be a powerful tool for growth and transformation, a symbol of wholeness.
The mandala represents both the self and world. The universe itself is a mandala. The earth, sun and moon are round. Everything alive – plants, animals and human beings – consists of cells. Each cell is a mandala. Even the seasons and the life cycle of human beings is a circle, so it is in everything where power moves. The circle is the symbol of one, wholeness and centering. It represents infinity and eternity, having no beginning and no end.
Finding your true centre
When we consciously connect with our true centre, indescribable happiness ensues. To help to feel one’s own centre is to stay conscious, no matter what might happen, no matter what one does at any time, to watch oneself consciously. As Marcus Aurelius quoted: “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” When we truly get in touch with our true nature, we are in total peace. Imagine you are sitting in the eye of hurricane, you feel the sense of peace, stillness and calmness. If you begin to move away from the centre, everything will fall back into chaos and distortion. And when you can get to the place of your true centre, you begin to gain true perception. Physical movements like dancing are a great to way to find one’s true centre, especially the whirling dance of the Islamic dervishes. They spin and whirl in order to find in their central place; calmness. If we do not succeed to finding the centre, we become dizzy. When we connect our centre and dance, we are able to spin around almost without limit and and forget the 'self', becoming one with the music.
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
There is free parking available on site at Aras Chronain
What can/can't I bring to the event?
Bring along some bottled water, a yoga mat and blanket and perhaps a nice comfy cushion for a relaxing deep Yoga Nidra at the end of the day.
If you would like to bring a packed lunch along, or to grab a **** at Aras Chronain. Otherwise there's plenty of great places to eat nearby.
Can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Of course. Just call me on 087-6329125
 Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, just your name at the door will be save some trees.
The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?
Yes, that's fine. If another person is going in your place, just tell them to mention the original name under which it was booked so that I can tick it off.

Full Day Mandala and Meditation Workshop at Aras Chronain, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

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